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Camden, Maine Dahlia’s-Photos

We grow over 100 dahlia’s and we cherish every one of them, however there are some that perform like work horses and we consider them must haves for our gardens and in floral arrangements. Each of these varieties are prolific with strong and long stems and ideal for cutting. Here are a few of our picks.


Ferncliff Copper

Ferncliff Copper has 5″ blooms and is especially gorgeous arranged in harvest bouquets.

Snoho Betty

Snoho Betty

Perfect purple Snoho Betty is continually remarked on by our guests.

Kenora Wildfire

Kenora Wildfire

This low bush beauty Kenora Wildfire pumps out volumes of huge bright red blooms and requires minimal support.

Scarborough Brillant

Scarborough Brilliant

And of course the intense colors of Scarborough Brilliant are stunning.

If you love beautiful flowers as we do and are interested in creating fresh dahlia floral arrangements also look into Bliss and Rosella, they are fantastic as fillers. All of our healthy dahlia tubers were purchased locally from endlesssummerflowerfarm in Camden, Maine.

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