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Maine lighthouses

Maine has over 60 lighthouses, and thankfully many are accessible to visitors by foot others can be enjoyed by boat, as we’ve done aboard the schooner yacht “Heron” out of Rockport Harbor. Being lovers of the outdoors and admirer’s of natural beauty, Maine is the ideal place to explore and being explorer’s ourselves we find lighthouses to be one of many exciting destinations. Just the adventure alone in taking out the map and locating these lighthouses makes for memorable car conversation. Driving down winding roads, wondering if you’ve missed a turn and gone too far combined with the bantering back and forth on who’s fault it is (invariably mine) included with the serendipity of it all is priceless. There have been countless times that we have dicovered a gem due to a wrong turn and always reminisce those times (that’s when the person who’s fault it was just smiles).

Over the years we have been able to visit some of these magnificent lighthouses and I have oodles of negatives to prove it, but because I have always shot with film (and will continue to do so) the thought of culling through thousands of  negatives, processing them and posting them is far too daunting not to mention insane. So with that I have been beaten down and just purchased my first digital camera and will be posting additional images in time of these breath taking locations. We have visited many of the same lighthouses countless times due the draw of the arresting beauty and picturesque bold oceanfront site. Architecture always plays an important roll for us, and makes for interesting dinner conversation but all of the lighthouses that we have visited are unique and special in there own right.   They are rich in history and some of them even incorporate a museum, we love looking at all the old black and white images and try to imagine ourselves in the lightkeeper’s shoes during those times, seems so long ago.

There are several lighthouses only a short distance from our Inn that  if one was so inclined could include into a day of sightseeing along our beautiful Maine coastline. Many of our guests have remarked on how much they have appreciated our experience and guidance to visiting the lighthouses in our area and were grateful  for the assistance, and have commented that they couldn’t imagine missing these incredible sites during there stay in Maine. We look forward to our guests telling us of there own adventures and discoveries as much as they enjoy sharing their experiences with us. With Maine’s vast and diverse countryside and incredible rocky coast providing so much to see and do…….bit by bit we shall chew.

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